Designer Johan Lindstén

In this product, the illuminating function has become a pretext for the creation of an object with a markedly bold personality; the celebrated Meltdown lamp by Johan Lindstèn is available in three versions: a floor, table and suspended hanging version. 

The base of the floor version has either five or eight diffusers, the table lamp has one. For the hanging version there are four different formats (single, a cluster with 4 diffusers, a cluster with 8 diffusers and linear with 3 diffusers)

The diffusers for all of the lamps lamps have a distinctive spherical form made from coloured pâte de verre glass that has been mouth-blown into a mould. The palette includes the following shades: amber, tobacco, rose, amethyst, light blue and dove grey: the purchaser can order the spheres in a single colour or in a pre-set mix of hues.

The glass used for this lamp is a one-of-a-kind expression of the ancient art of masterful glassmakers; any small air bubbles or variations in the colour intensity are due to the artisanal craftsmanship and represent a prized addition to the object.


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