255 FLAT

Designed by Piero Lissoni


Flat is a family of container units designed by Piero Lissoni and part of the collection since 1999. The collection has been thoroughly revised, focusing on its stylistic renewal, the perfection of its technical details, the expansion of the range of configurations in order to meet different use purposes. The range of finishes has been enriched with the introduction of updated and contemporary wood species, marbles, lacquers and metals. This all-round system of storage units can create compositions that blend in harmoniously with different areas of the home, conversing with other furnishing elements. Solutions for the living room for the perfect organisation of space using storage elements and accessories or acting as a stand for televisions sets or audiovideo systems. Solutions for bedrooms, including handy chests with six drawers or with large drawers for storing garments and personal belongings, and beside tables. The configurations, proposed according to pre-established plans, have been studied and designed taking into account the wide range of storage requirements of a varied public in the various domestic and non-domestic areas. The range of compositions involves combinations of different types of furniture, all 90 cm wide, arranged in a line and positioned on the floor in the low (h 41 cm) or tall version (h 79 cm), or mounted on a metal stand (h 79 cm); the containers are equipped with:

  • hinged doors
  • drawers
  • large drawers

all with a new handle with improved construction to improve durability while maintaining its look, made in two aluminium versions or in wood, with the same finishes as the storage units



  • large drawer with cable management compartment produced in a wide array of woods and lacquers with surfaces in the same finishes or in three types of marble.


There are also dressers with stands:

  • with three stacked drawers and top compartment with hinged doors (w 90 – 35.4” x h 136 cm – 53.5”)
  • with four stacked drawers and top compartment with hinged doors (w 90 – 35.4” x h 136 cm – 53.5”)


Dressers on floor bases:

  • with six stacked drawers (w 50 – 19.7” x h 114 cm – 44.9”)
  • with four stacked drawers (h 120 – 47.2” x h 76 cm – 29.9”)


The collection is completed with two types of bedside table, both floor-resting, with one or two drawers.




Storage units:

  • in natural oak, black stained or American walnut
  • 8 lacquers in the colours optical white, comfort, marron glacé, sage green, China red, purple red, petroleum, dark blue, light blue, light grey, black.



  • in the same woods and lacquered like the storage units
  • 3 types of marble: white Carrara, black Marquiña, Carnico grey.



  • in wood with the same finishes as the storage units
  • in two finishes of aluminium for the lacquered storage units: polished aluminium or anthracite anodized aluminium.



  • polished aluminium or chestnut brown or anthracite grey lacquer.

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