Designer  Archea Associati

The bookcase is the holder of our memories and is most commonly made in wood, metal, or glass but never clay. Terreria creates a space which can be simultaneously new and old, urban and rustic. Terreria is part modular furniture and part Italian farmhouse window looking out over the countryside. The single elements can be assembled to produce an infinite number of configurations and exploit the many potentials of ceramic: its colours and hues and the feel to the touch, from the varied coarseness of terracotta to the smoothness of the varnishes in the various different shades on offer. It is an open system, and the flexibility to assemble different combinations means that no single design or look is ever quite the same.

Terracotta components, available in four different geometric configurations. Blocks are 30,5 cm deep, 40 cm high and vary in width between 17 and 29 cm. To assemble, the single components are stacked on top of each other. The weight of the single components is between 13 and 17 kgs. There are an infinite number of different configurations.

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