Designed  Ron Arad

Modou is the name that Ron Arad chose for his collection: dynamic and cinematic just like a futuristic bolide, as a homage to the metalworker Modou, that worked with him in Dakar. Modou was the one that gave him the chance to develop his prototype. Ron Arad gifts Modou’s work the chance to enter the world market. Not as an ethnic object or a “normal” one. But as an amazing trip that loops around Africa. Ron Arad and Modou: two iron makers, two metal workers, where the differences melt away the moment and an object, mixing two apparently far-apart worlds, is created.

The seating collection is made by weaving the polyethylene cords used traditionally in Africa for fishing nets. Non-standard designs, different and original, made entirely by hand in Dakar, in Senegal, in the M’Afrique Atelier.


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