Designed Konstantin Grcic

Small architectures that grow inside things. A system of forms that orbit around each other and acquire identity from their reciprocal relationship. Soft Props is an innovatively developed system. It is generated from a nucleus of two modules that can be combined together to create a galaxy of configurations, distinctive both for independence and versatility. Modular padded seating, with end, middle or corner elements, all linked by a tube made up of four different parts in metal, interchangeable and with invisible joints, allows for the creation of different compositions. The visible tube outlines the perimeter of the seats, creating a protective boundary, which defines space within space; some outer sections of the tube are covered with polyurethane foam, with an aesthetic as well as practical function. Starting with the most abstract element, the ottoman, the system can be arranged to effectively converse with the surrounding area. The individual modules come together naturally to compose the classic two-seater sofa, an island, a chaise longue or even a bed. The system is completed by low side tables, with or without a drawer, to be joined to the padded elements, and by a separate side table, in different finishes. Seat structure: frame in fir plywood Padding: variable density CFC-free polyurethane foam and down. Tubular junction elements: glossy black-lacquered metal with segments covered in polyurethane foam. Side table finishes: lacquered in different shades, in American walnut or natural oak, in Marquiña black or Carrara white marble.

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